Daniel Figueiredo à frente do Up-Rights

The Brazilian company is a pioneer in the concept of Rights Management in Brazil.

Magazine ON – 08/23/2012, 2:19 p.m. – updated on 12/16/2012, 1:26 a.m.

In a setting of rapid growth and prominence of Brazilian culture, including internationally, Daniel Figueiredo, entrepreneur and music producer founded UP-RIGHTS, taking the initiative in the arts and culture market, with the main objective of enhancing the potential earnings of artists with copyrights. The company has become the solution for composers, singers, actors, directors and artists in general, so that they might dedicate themselves with tranquility to their craft: art.

The well-known and often repeated phrase “in nature, nothing is created, everything is copied” applies to what is happening these days. In general, there is no real notion of the importance of respecting the creator and his creation, whether it be music, a text, a picture or a sculpture. Unfortunately, with the digital era, the unauthorized propagation and copying of artistic work has become a common practice, undermining its cultural value.

With his more than 20 years’ experience in the cultural market, the partner and creator of the company, Daniel Figueiredo knows “the ropes” well when it comes to copyrights. The objective of

UP-RIGHTS is to guide and provide services to composers and singers who face problems throughout their lives with this matter. Many of them came to UP-RIGHTS already disaccredited with regard to these rights, and the role of the company has been to demonstrate that with correct and detailed work, a fair remuneration can be achieved for the use of their works and phonograms.

UP-RIGHTS works in partnership with the national associations that make up ECAD (a private Brazilian entity responsible for the collection and distribution of copy rights) (ABRAMUS, UBC, ASSIM, SOCIMPRO, among others) and with the international Associations, such as SGAE, GDA, ASCAP and BMI among so many others around the world.

“Based on the “surgical” monitoring of the use of the works of the clients and of their registration, we map their use, making a significant increase possible in the collection of copy rights, besides creating the record of interventions and the release of credits retained”, says Daniel Figueiredo.

By means of strict contracts with recording companies, publishers and distributors of digital content, the objective of the company is to provide all the organization necessary for the correct payment of its artists.

UP-RIGHTS is also involved with the extensive legalization of works for use in publications, albums, DVDs, clips and films. And best of all, it offers a business model to its clients, in which they no longer need to give up their rights.

Artists from all over Brazil can count on a quality service with respect to the management of their rights for their talent, the art of creating!