Music producer and entrepreneur, Daniel Figueiredo has already participated in many works with great names from the music world, various albums indicated for the Latin Grammy, among them “Fruto de amor”, by singer Aline Barros, elected Best Christian Music Album and “Nosso samba tá na Rua”, by Beth Carvalho, which won in the category Best Samba/Pagode Album (styles of Brazilian music).

Daniel has also contributed with four compositions and arrangements on the recording “Surreal”, from one of the greatest Russian guitar players of all time, Roman Miroshnichenko, which also competed for the Latin Grammy in 2013. Daniel was twice considered best music producer of the year in the “Entertainment profession” award (2015 and 2016).

Author of dozens of opening themes on the main TV stations, Daniel also is responsible for the musical production of various soap operas and serials of Rede Record, among them “Os Mutantes”, “Vidas Opostas”, “A lei e o Crime”, “José do Egito”, “A Terra prometida” and the great phenomenon, “Os Dez Mandamentos”.

For the cinema, besides the film “Os Dez Mandamentos” (The Ten Commandments), which was Brazilian cinema’s record box-office success, Daniel has also worked for the American market, with the films “Transmigration” and “The Heartbreaker” and in the theater, Daniel was responsible for the sound track of Tiago Santiago’s first play, “Apaixonados”.

Owner of a pioneering, rights management company, called UP-RIGHTS, which has as its clients, artists such as Roupa Nova, Jane Duboc, Beth Carvalho, Michael Sullivan, Latino among many others, Daniel is also a partner in the companies, MusicSolution (Production of music focused on sound tracks) and Paratela (production, audiovisual and software applications).

Always with an eye on the future, Daniel was the first music producer to launch his own software application for smartphones. The app “Daniel Figueiredo” is already available at AppStore and GooglePlay and through it the user can obtain access to exclusive content, including the majority of the music already created by Daniel.

Daniel endorses the brands: PRS Guitars (USA), PreSonus (USA), Blueberry (Canada), CME Pro (China), UVI (France) and Wire Conex (Brazil), PiGuitars and Fractal Audio.

In March of 2018, Daniel received the title of “Greatest number of songs in simultaneous execution in soap operas”. Between February and November 2017, the music producer had 794 songs played in soap operas.

Beth Carvalho
Cidade Negra
Edu Lobo
Ivete Sangalo
Jerry Adriani
Daniela Mercury
Gilberto Gil
Caetano Veloso
Maria Bethania
Sérgio Reis
Zeca Pagodinho
Diem Jones
David Cohen
John Pollard
Roman Miroshnichenko
Steve B

Daniel’s energy and talent inspire me. He is a great producer, composer and guitar player. Our video, as well as a recording was an explosion of work!

Daniel Figueiredo is a producer and incredible person and has a specific approach that is very special, and it is for this reason that the music Stiu/Cliprensa is so visceral.

Participating in a project with Daniel Figueiredo is a privilege, for his trajectory was always founded on music of very high quality, packaged in projects of fine and exquisite workmanship. And especially, being at his side and with some of the greatest guitar players in the world, makes me feel very proud…

I very much liked the opening that Daniel provided for me to perform this work, which allowed the type of creativity that does not have any limits.

I chose this track because of the various possibilities and rhythm they provide when interpreting it. It gave me a colorful scenario in which to use my palette of colors and textures.

​I enjoyed recording this track, thank you for the opportunity. I recorded this with my Yamaha guitar (PAC1611MS Mike Stern Signature) and Roland Blues Cube amplifier.

It is an award to have all this liberty to work. For me, it is a joy to work in this wonderful studio and with incredible people

É difícil ficar indiferente ao trabalho autoral do Daniel Figueiredo na trilha sonora de Os 10 Mandamentos. Impactante, Épico.